Goal & Objective


To ensure quality and equitable health care for all urban population in Bangladesh by improving access to and utilization of health, population and nutrition services.


Objectives of the project is to improve

  • Improve accessibility (financial and physical) to PHC services in the urban areas covered by the project
  • Ensure the delivery of quality PHC services to urban populations-the project will ensure essential service delivery package (ESD+) focused maternal and child health in urban areas, particularly for the poor
  • Increase the utilization of PHC services by the urban poor, especially women, new-born and children
  • Strengthen institutional arrangements for the delivery of PHC services in urban areas
  • Increase capacity of the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to ensure the delivery of PHC services, according to their mandate
  • Increase sustainability of the delivery of urban PHC services by strengthening ownership and commitment of the ULBs to ensure the delivery of PHC services particularly for the poor